January 10, 2020

Monochrome Photography Awards 2019

Monochrome Photography Awards 2019

International Black and White Photography Contest

Monochrome Photography Awards 

It is an annual contest for professional and amateur photographers. Their mission is to celebrate monochrome visions and discover the most incredible photographers from around the world.

" Love is love"

Agustín Cleris received in 2019, five mentions in one of the most prestigious international competitions in the world. One of his most emblematic photos called "Love is Love", distinguishes a kiss between two cheetahs that is very difficult to achieve


The second mention was received by his work entitled "Desolação" made on his last trip to Kenya, in the Amboseli Reserve. A giraffe encounters a typhoon, almost indifferently from one another


"IWU" responds to the initials of: "I´m watching you" This young lion in Masai Mara, was in the middle of a feast with his pack. however something distracted him to look over the dry grasses, and identify with feline precision the photographer who was observing him

"It is really chilling the look of a lion"

"No hay dos sin tres"

It is a great confusion between sky, zebras, phone and number of animals


The last of the mentions are two brother elephants who show their affection by hugging each other in their own way

© Agustín Cleris
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